God Moved Mountains Today…

Did you feel it?

Tectonic plates are definitely shifting here in the Rockies because God moved these mountains clear from captivity to freedom, from isolation to community, from despair to hope.

It is nothing short of a miracle.

You see I spent the very worst years of my entire existence in these mountains. They were an inescapable fortress that held me fast to my torment and aloneness. That endless bleakness made me rest in God’s love in supernatural ways way back then, but these mountains have never been anything but a barricade to escape. Since the air is so thin way up here, it’s hard to tell what is asthma and what is dread, but I usually feel a heavy weight oppressing me when I see my former prison rising up from the ground.

But not today.

God has redeemed them. The whole mighty range. I can look and see majesty. I can see God’s workmanship. I can see how the crisp quiet air brings you that much closer to the still small voice. I just spent five days with amazing women of God, church planters’ wives from around the country. We shared our struggles and our joys, but mostly we listened, we laughed and we loved on each other and all the while the mountains outside the window were moving ever closer to the place God wanted them in my heart.

I felt it.

English: Westward view of the Rocky Mountains ...

English: Westward view of the Rocky Mountains from Lookout Mountain. Golden, Colorado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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